Top Video Game Headsets Reviewed – from $45 to $400

A good head set for your system is essential for a good video game experience. I have tried many headsets, and I tend to discard them faster then I should, often upgrading to more than I need. I seem to always be buying newer headsets before I need them; but I have settled on a few I like. Here is a review of 5 top head sets recommended to enhance your gaming fun. These are all compatible with Wii, PSP, Xbox or PC.

Turtle Beach Ear Force X41 HeadsetTurtle Beach Ear Force X41 Headset. $179.00 This is a wireless headset at a heftier price. This is one of the best wireless headsets on the market. It comes with 2 components: the headphones and a base, which houses all the necessary jacks. Both Dolby Digital and Digital Pro Logic IIx can be chosen from the base. Comes with 7 feet of optical cable for connection, and there’s a digital out port for AV receiver users. The top and earpieces are nicely padded, good foam support.

PROS: Impressive 7.1 surround sound, nice padding, and removable mic.
CONS: Heavy cost. Has a high price tag, and requires AAA batteries (not rechargeable)

Recommended for serious players who feel they need wireless headphones.

Logitech G330 $45.00 The Logitech head-set’s arms grab the back of your head, like a reverse pair of glasses, and the microphone can either be extended or tucked away. The volume control is in-line, meaning it’s located on the chord, down about waist height, and has a clip for your belt. The G330 is very light-weight and works well, with great sound and performance.

PROS: very simple, extremely comfortable, and light-weight. The cost is also a plus, at less than $50.
CONS: The microphone doesn’t shut off when it’s pushed back.

All in all, a good headset, recommended for average to high-level game players who play for up to 2 hours per day.

Razer Piranha. $79.00 srp. A soft, comfortable headphone setup, Razor’s Phranha delivers some great bass and solid game, or movie theater, sound effects. Comes with a nice long chord, and it’s cloth-wrapped to prevent kinks and snags. The padded headset is large, and fits my head wonderfully; they have good balance. It’s snug and easy to adjust, which is important for long play. However, the mic is a bit more difficult to extend or align.

PROS: Low price, comfortable and clear while inexpensive.
CONS: Microphone doesn’t adjust well. Some high notes are too quiet.

Recommended for long-hours of playing, for semi-serious players who play marathon 6 hour sessions. As these cover your whole ears, and will likely be worn for long periods, remember to clean the inside cushions with an alcohol-based cleaner every day before a new use.

Steel Series Siberia V2 $109.99 srp. Held in place by 2 flexible wires, these are extremely comfortable and flexible on your head. USB or mini-jack connection. Its bass is not has prominent as other head phones, but it does produce very clear sound quality. Combat effects were good, but music came out with a less impressive performance. Great sound effects, but soundtracks (music) failed a bit.

PROS: Very comfortable design.
CONS: Weaker bass than other headsets.

Recommended for light gamers and combat-only gamers.

Beyerdynamic MMX300 Digital Premium Gaming Headset. $399 Cushy, comfortable design for long play. Has a noise canceling microphone, USB converter and USB external sound card, along with superb Hi-Fi quality sound. It’s an expensive piece of gear, but built to last. Adjusts well to your head, and the mic is flexible. Very clear sound, and a thunder of bass and sound effects. If you can justify the expense, it’s a great setup.

PROS: Comfort, external USB features, HI-FI sound. Plug and play installation.
CON: the price!

Recommended for professional gamers at this website.

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